What is Blendspace:

Blendspace is a collaborative tool that can be used for adult learners or student learners. Blendspace provides a way to create interactive lessons and organize links and files . Blendspace was created by Tes Teach and gives teachers a way to create lessons, engage students and access students all on one site. Blendspace is a digital storage site that stores all the content is on one space. In Blendspace when you create lessons you can combine your lesson with other storage spaces and files. Once placed on the site you can adjust the files and move them where you would like. Blendspace engages students in working on lessons digitally and on the use of interactive lessons. The site is easy to navigate and is accessible to students from their homes.

Benefits and Challenges of Blendspace:

There are several elements to Blendspace that benefit the user. One of the benefits is any effortless way to create lessons. The three easy steps to create a lesson. (1.) Find Resources (2). Open Results (3.) Drag and Drop. One of the benefits is the website has tips for educators to use to motivate student learning. The site provides the opportunity for teacher to differentiate for their students. Teachers can add more lessons and content to the site. The tip section walks you through how to start you school year with active and engaged students. The fifteen ideas to motivate students are a class jukebox, image bank, TED playlist, the power of video, juxtaposition, smorgasbord, completion time, museum curator, beginning, middle and end, a model approach, knowledge hunt, a dozen dilemmas, if this is the answer…, crowdsource the lesson, and vlog your lesson. Each one of these activities are fun for students and is more like a game then doing work for school. The teacher can create a variety of different assessments for students to interact with. Here are some examples of assessment that can be created in Blendspace. Some of the examples include rubrics, tests, quizzes, group work and discussions.

Challenges of Blendspace:

A challenge of Blendspace was logging into the site. The site was down for a significant amount of time. Tes Teach is out of Europe so contacting them also could become a challenge. The instructor will need to be aware that students will need specific criteria for discussion or for assignments. Students may also feel overwhelmed looking at all the parts of the lesson especially if you have a lot of information.

Application of Blendspace for assessment:

Blendspace has a variety of features that can be helpful for assessment. The assessment examples that I found were rubrics, exit tickets, tests and quizzes. The site could be used for formal and informal assessments. I could use this tool with my sixth-grade art students. Students would be tasked with creating a design for the exterior of Duluth trading Company. Students will be walked through this process so that they understand the directions. Students will research Duluth trading company gathering ideas to share with their groups members in the discussion. Once students have their ideas they will work on drawing the black and white design for the exterior of the building. After completing this they will add color to the design they have created uploading the information, onto Blendspace. Students will complete the rubric that will be provided for them for assessment.

Learning Objective:

Given varied materials, students will be able to create an exterior design on a building by achieving mastery level on the rubric.