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This project introduced each of us to a variety of different assessment tools that can be used in a variety of educational settings. For example, Testmoz can be used in place of traditional pencil and paper tests while saving the instructor from having to grade the tests. Flipgrid can be used to create online discussion boards to promote student collaboration and alternative assessment techniques. Blendspace can be used to create a digital clearinghouse of data for instructors and students. Powtoon can be used by instructors and students to create video presentations to not only present data and information but also demonstrate understanding through alternative assessment. While these four tools all relate to online assessment techniques, they are very different in their methods and provide instructors and students with different ways to demonstrate understanding.

Working through this project showed our team jaggeness as a whole.  Most of our team had not ever worked with a wiki before this, especially as a tool for assessment.  We came across a few technology obstacles. However, we used the additional tools available to collaborate with each other to submit the complete project in its current form.   

As the Fantastic Four we created equally engaging and important tools for assessing students in the classroom.  Through the use of Testmoz, Fipgrid, Blendspace and PowToon we have created a way to unlock our potential to help our students become creative, engaged and active participants in the assessment process. You are invited to critically analyze these tool presented in this collaborative project.