This semester we read Todd Rose “Talent is Always Jagged” This is a chapter from his book, The End of Average.  This chapter discusses unlocking our potential so that we can help others discover their potential.

Jagged Learning and Understanding Ourselves

This activity supports Rose’s principles of jaggedness.  Rose states, “And when we become aware of our own jaggedness, we are less likely to fall prey to one-dimensional views of talent and that limit what we are capable of “. (Rose, 2016 p. 97) Through this collaborative activity we are becoming aware of our strengths and gaining confidence in our own instructional use of Web 2.0 tools.  This will help us understand how to help our students become more successful.

Overview of Tools

Hello, We are the Fantastic Four and we are digital super heroes searching across the Universe for tools that we can use to capture the minds of our students. Each member of the Fantastic Four chose a tool to research from the Universal research tool collection box.  Our Fantastic Four member Andy researched Testmoz Test Generator. Testmoz Test Generator is an online test and quiz generating application that can be run completely without logins or accounts and with no advertisements. Please check out Andy’s page to see what kind of tools he used.  Jennifer searched the tool box and found Flipgrid. Flipgrid is a collaborative tool that students and teachers can create online discussion threads the use video to engage in the discussion. Kim decided to do her research on a collaborative tool and provides a way to create interactive lessons and organize links and files. Jenn chose to work on PowToon.

Below you will find links to all of these tools for your convenience.  Within each page you will find an explanation the tool, some benefits and challenges of using the tool in the online classroom as well as some examples of how each of us would plan to use it in our individual classes.  

Testmoz Test Generator - Andy Hamm

Flipgrid - Jennifer Singerhouse

Blendspace - Kim Carter

PowToon - Jennifer Joyner

Working through this project showed our team jaggeness as a whole.  Most of our team had not ever worked with a wiki before this, especially as a tool for assessment.  We came across a few technology obstacles but used the tools available to use to collaborate with each other to give you the complete project as you see it now.    



Rose, T. (2016).  The end of average:  How we succeed in a world that values sameness.  New York:   HarperOne.