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Testmoz Test Generator

Testmoz ( is an online test and quiz generating application that can be run completely without logins or accounts and with no advertisements.  Students and instructors do not need to register and all tests created by an instructor are password-protected and hosted online. 

Benefits of using Testmoz 

Four different question types are supported by Testmoz:  True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and Fill in the Blank.  In addition, Testmoz can randomize both questions and answers.  Testmoz automatically grades tests and provides instructors with detailed score reports and averages that can be downloaded in CSV form to examine further in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. 

The online web applet is very simple and easy to understand.  The questions can be written in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) text editor with some mathematical tool support (exponents & subscripts).  Links can also be added requiring the students to look at a website, watch a video, or read a passage.  Questions can also be listed as “ungraded” and therefore will work as survey-style questions for the instructor to gain additional insight into the students and class.

Challenges of using Testmoz

Some of the challenges of Testmoz include the inability to provide additional feedback beyond simple score reports to students, the ability to tie common assessments together into a unit, and the limitation to only four simple written-based assessment techniques.  Tests cannot be timed and there is currently no opportunity to lock down the computer to prevent students from searching for the solutions online in another browser window.  While there are additional features unlocked for a $20 per year subscription fee, these features are relatively simple and do not dramatically improve the functionality of the program.  One added function for the subscription fee is ability to add images which provide for the opportunity to include nearly any information in the question, including graph interpretation, complicated math and science formulas, and sample texts for students to read.  Another added function after paying the subscription fee is the ability to transfer questions from one test to another and provide some feedback to students after they complete their exams.   

I have set up a sample test using Testmoz here:

Testmoz can be used in place of any traditional, straight-forward paper-based assessment and will help instructors by automatically grading the exam for them.

Learning Objectives that could be evaluated using Testmoz

·         After completing the lesson on 2-D kinematics and projectile motion, students will be able to solve for unknown variables in each of the three types of projectile motion problems with 80% accuracy.

·         After completing the lesson on kinetic energy, students will be able to calculate the kinetic energy of various objects in various situations with 90% accuracy.